23 July 2021


Binance Smart Chain


Safe Earn is the first mover of double-reflection tokens. Safe Earn acts as an earning platform by rewarding SafeMoon tokens to holders at a rate of 8.5%, which are then eligible to benefit from the SafeMoon standard reflections of 5%.

Safe Earn fills a gap in the DeFi space where standard reflection mechanics give rewards in their own token to holders by instead offering a reward that is desirable. By building a system that can self sustain, Safe Earn exists to be a unique opportunity and a stand out in the world of ""frictionless yield"" tokens.

Safe Earn itself applies functions from a mix of popular tokens in the DeFi space, including buy backs and burns baked into the contract. It's a hyper deflationary asset and intends to continuously offer opportunity to raise its value and appeal to new investors.

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