Dino WalletDINO

Dino Wallet

22 July 2021

Dino WalletDINO

Binance Smart Chain



📍Dino Wallet is A Wallet Focuses on Building Peer to Peer Ecosystem📍.


  1. Wallets: A decentralized wallet that is secure and easy to use.

  2. Wealth: Provides features so that users can freely manage and develop their wealth.

  3. Network: Supports multiple networks and will continue to be added.

  4. Ecosystem: Be an open ecosystem so everyone can take part.

  5. Payment: Facilitates P2P transactions and provides a Crypto-Fiat br.


Some of the features we support include: wallets, collectibles, currencies, transaction history, DApps, multiple networks, WalletConnect.
We are making the next features as follows :

1️⃣ Peer to Peer Trading
2️⃣ Local Merchant Payment
3️⃣ Cross Network Bridge
4️⃣ Fiat Cashout
5️⃣ Initial Dino Offering (IDO)

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⭐ 100 points - 5 September 2021
⭐ 11 points - 27 October 2021
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